March 11, 2010

I Will Never Learn

I've had some nasty writer's block. That in mind, I'm going to tell you about my most recent brush with celebrity. And it's awesome.

Albany had a snow storm a few weeks ago and like the addict I am, I followed it closely on the Weather Channel. The weather folks were talking a lot about the "Nor'easter" when they cut to one of the guys they send out where the weather is happening- Mike Seidel. As he's standing in the precipitation I realize an Albany city bus drives right behind him. Upon further studying I recognize the State Capitol! (That and he said that's where he was.) He was broadcasting from a stop of my bus route. MY BUS ROUTE!!! I squee-ed with delight while Mike rolled his eyes and went back to his snow day.

As my bus approached the location of CELEBRITY I looked for the crew. They weren't out and about but the camera was set up with a big light facing the Capitol. I got off two stops sooner (really two small city blocks) and tried to plan my next move. My motive was not to be on camera, just say hello so I had no idea what to do with myself until they came out. I called Mike to see if they were going to cut to Albany any time soon and hid around a building. As Mike resigned himself to helping me out the crew gets out of the van and there is MIKE SEIDEL!! My Mike tells me to act like a normal person and head to work. So I do.

I walk past Mike Seidel and almost totally chicken out when I spin around and walked up to the camera. "You're Mike Seidel from the Weather Channel!" "Yes. And who are you?" "I'm Katherine!" "And what do you do?" "I work at a theatre down the street. I'm a huge fan, I watch every morning!" "That's great." "I saw that you were on my bus route so I got off early to say hello!" "Oh. Enjoy the storm." "I AM!" I promptly called my Mike and then Emily to gush like an idiot. Thankfully I had the wherewithal to wait until I got to the end of the street. Something I lacked when I confessed I had stalked the poor man. I need a hobby.

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