January 27, 2010

You Can't Touch That

We were in New York again this past weekend for a friend's birthday party on Saturday. The rest of the birthday folks went back up to Albany that Sunday morning while Mike and I hung around Manhattan for the day. He wanted to catch the Jets/Colts game, which was on at 3pm, and we would've missed it if we went home that morning. So we went to a friend's apartment in the Financial District and watched some football. Grrrr!! Sports!

I'm not that into sports. Well, I'm getting into sports. I picked a sport to like and I picked soccer whether Mike likes it or not. America is missing out on a pretty awesome game. It's the sport of the future! Seriously, I really think soccer players are amazing. No other team-sport requires that kind of teamwork and athleticism. I'm totally down with that. On June 12th, I'm going to make Mike watch some soccer at the beer garden (as husband and wife!). I'll root for England and he can root for the US. He laughed in agreement and said we can watch "my" football. Whatever. Dude should be glad I am finding a reason to watch ESPN. OK. Maybe not watch ESPN but not rush to turn it off.

I digress. Since Mike wanted to watch two high stake games (I ask inappropriate questions at totally inappropriate times and can really irritate Mike people who have a personal interest in said high stake game) I decided to find something else to do. I googled where a bunch of museums were in relation to the Financial District and found out that the controversial BODIES exhibit was located just around the corner from our friend's place. I've been wanting to see this exhibit for YEARS. I was thrilled I could make it happen. So I left during the fourth quarter of the first game to make sure I had enough time to get through the exhibit before it closed.

I cannot recommend going enough. It was amazing. There weren't as many actual whole bodies as I was expecting but it was an amazing lesson in anatomy and the workings of human body. There were moments when I was looking at a body part in a case and then involuntarily moved it. Whenever I caught myself doing that it was an eye opening experience, almost religious. I've never felt more aware of myself and my body. Yeah, yoga is all about body awareness and spatial awareness and I totally dig that too. But it's nothing like looking at a perfectly preserved knee joint and then moving yours involuntarily. I can't be more thankful for the temple that is my body. Made me want to go out and kick a soccer ball in reverence.

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