November 19, 2009

A Reluctant Twerd

My friend Lyndy is a huge Twilight Saga fan. I mean, massive. She has read all the books multiple times, published ones and unpublished ones; she has an Edward Cullen Christmas stocking; she got the soundtrack before it was released; and she has a life size cardboard cutout of Edward that lives in her main room. Whenever someone starts to discuss the legitimate literary value of the books Lyndy defends the books with such fervor that the debate is killed on the spot. This woman bleeds Twilight.

Me? Not so much. I hadn't even heard of the books until a year ago when the first movie was going to come out around the same time as the fourth and final book and I wanted to know what all the hubbub was about. I've since read all the books and seen the first movie. Though I couldn't put the stupid things down until I read the whole canon, I don't think the books are that well written. Stephanie Meyer is too much with the telling and not with any showing. For an English major she didn't pay much attention in her literature classes. It's almost like she skipped those to take a quickie how-to on writing a cash cow. Complex characters? No. Complex storytelling? No. The normal girl getting everything she wants with little or no sacrifice? Amazing, compelling fiction! (Don't even get me started on her Mormon anti-choice and premature marriage propaganda. I was getting pretty angry towards the middle of the fourth book.)

Anywhoodle! Tonight at 8pm I will be right there with Lyndy waiting in line to see our 12:07am showing of New Moon. We're going to play cards and Balderdash while we wait. The movie theatre has rooms that you can rent for a party and then you go right into the movie with a snack tray that is included in the party package. That's what we were planning to do but when I first called to reserve the room it was too far in advance. When it got time to reserve the room my family and I had made plans for an alternative Thanksgiving starting the opening day of New Moon. So instead of the party room tomorrow we are going in the middle of the night with a bunch of screaming mimis. And I'm probably going to tremendously enjoy the movie in spite of myself just like before. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that I don't throw a shoe at someone.


Winstonian said...

Lyndy might want to look into these:

Tina Winston said...

I can recall this precise experience with you and Harry Potter when we were in college. Remember, you and Kristina wanted to go to the movie, and I was like, what is this? But I ended up enjoying it immensely and have read all the books and seen all the other films as well. Our friends will not steer us wrong, eh? Hope you have fun!