November 27, 2009

Forget You, Clown

Do you have memories that you can't tell are real or fake? I recently read an article that said many of our memories are made up because our memories can be manipulated. And manipulated easily. All it takes is people being insistent in creating or altering the memory in which you are "involved." This has happened to me before, with a fairly fresh memory, but I'm thinking about other memories that could be literally unreal. Earlier today my sister and I were talking about things that freaked us out when we were younger and I was struck with this memory involving Florida, a trailer park, and a maniacal clown. She was too young to remember it no matter whether or not it's true so I have no one to corroborate this story. Except maybe my dad since he was driving the vehicle but I'm pretty much on my own here.

If I remember correctly, and I'm going to go with that I am, my mother was involved in something that either none of us were interested in participating with her or we couldn't participate even if we wanted to. So instead, my dad took us driving around. I'm very confident this was in Florida because that was the only place we ever spent time in that had tons of sand and a plethora of trailer parks. We meandered down some unmarked roads out of boredom and came upon this one decrepit trailer park. There were broken down trailers everywhere and it appeared it was empty. We were convinced it was an abandoned park until a clown came out from behind one of the trailers, in full costume and make-up. He made a bee-line for our car. My dad put that car in reverse so fast we couldn't even tell if he was deranged or just drunk. I don't remember being scared. I remember laughing my ass off because the whole thing was so surreal.

Somehow this memory came rushing back to me today. Now I'm trying to figure out if it was real or I dreamt it. That's the stuff nightmares are made of. Like, for reals. If only I could get someone to remember it with me, then we could figure out what really happened and what I changed with the passage of time. I wonder if I have other memories like that.

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dad said...

I'm scrambling but can't recall this episode. It sounds like a scene from Killer Klowns from Outer Space, a movie which has firmly cemented fear of clowns in a whole new generation. I confess, after all this time I still don't get the whole clown thing--an anachronism from before electronic or even electric entertainment.