August 31, 2009

Katherine 1, Fate 0

Through my friend Emily I've signed up for this weekly email alert that tells me about all the sale items that are my size and from stores and brands I like. I've signed up for Gap, J Crew (no success here because even their sale items are insanely expensive and when something is close to affordable it's sold out by the time I get to it), Old Navy, New Balance, Nike, North Face (see J Crew) and some other things. Boy, is it super awesome! I've gotten some great deals on some wonderful items. I don't go to the mall for a few reasons: 1) I'm never near the malls so if I'm near a mall, that's where I'm going. 2) I need to go with a purpose. Nothing bothers me more than willy nilly shopping when I have no money- always the case- and wandering gets me antsy. 3) I feel old when I'm in the mall. So this email is fantastic. I avoid the mall and save money and annoyance.

My most exciting purchase so far was a pair of white jeans I got in the mail last week. They are Gap pants and sell for $60. I got them for $11. I made sure I wasn't too fat for white pants before I placed the order. (I did this by asking everyone I knew if they thought I was too fat for white pants.) I also debated the white pants for various other reasons: I need to buy bleach; I need to make sure they don't get washed with anything of color; I mustn't rub my hands on my pants for any reason; I will have to wear high shoes with the pants because they are long; many of my knickers are eliminated from the white-pants ensemble because I like to wear bright colorful knickers. I had to include two people in my discussion I was so full of trepidation. But when it came down to it, they are jeans and a little thicker and heartier than slacks and how often will I wear them anyway? So I went for it.

I was planning my white jeans outfit for days and Monday was the execution of my plan. I wore a mustard top, brown belt, heels (!) and big earrings. I think the ensemble was a success despite getting my heel stuck in a grate. I didn't get anything on my pants but boy, did I tempt fate. I rode public transportation risking schmutz on my ass; I had strawberries and raspberries for a snack risking fruit juice on my crotch; I ate a BLT slathered in mayonnaise for lunch risking grease smears on my thighs; I ate outside risking nature and I am within a day of starting my period risking... period. The fact that I got home with nothing on my pants was such a victory that I took them off immediately and did a dance in my panties. I may wear them to a stag party this weekend. Sort of a last hoorah for my friend and for my pants. The season of white pants is over. Too bad it took me a week to realize that that was why they were $11.

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tania said...

If you're going to tempt fate with white pants it's good that you only paid $11 for them. I've worn my white Joe's jeans once this summer because I'm afraid I'll ruin well spent huh?