July 7, 2009

Goals, Goals, Goals

This Sunday is triathlon #2 of 2009! I'm really excited. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape and unlike the last race I don't have the swine flu. I have yet to sign up for the August triathlon because of money issues but I am so going to do it. I'm also going to be part of a team in a race this September. I'll be swimming, Mike's brother will be biking and Mike will be running. The Lake George Triathlon (the one we're doing) is an Olympic distance race which means I'll be swimming .9 miles. I almost did the whole race by myself. I'll be training for a half-marathon at that point so the 10k at the end, my only worry, would be no big deal. But I really wanted to be part of a team and I'm always trying to find things for Mike to do with me so this is perfect. I will surpass my goal of three triathlons this year! Next year I want to do four triathlons with the last one being the Lake George Triathlon.

The thing that will be super cool about the race in September is that most of my family will be there to watch me compete. It's a shame they won't see me in a full triathlon but they can watch me swim competitively- something they've never seen me do. That'll be nice. Well, I assume they will come watch me. That's the day of Mike and my engagement picnic. Am I really competing in a race and then hosting a picnic of many people- crazy family people? Yes. Yes I am. The picnic won't be until later in the afternoon and I'll probably swim for less than 30 minutes- less than a normal workout for me. Mike always runs and Joey biked over 100 miles once. This will be a piece of cake for us. We'll be amazing! And I could use the blood pressure benefits of the race. I. Will. Need. It. Bad.

Did I mention the half-marathon before? I'm running in a half-marathon with Mike. I'm trying to get friends to run it with us. So far my friend Pepper has committed. I hope he runs with me. Mike will leave me in his dust. Not because he's a jerk but because he's just faster than I. I'm looking forward to two new challenges this year. I'm going to train better for the August tri and I'm going to be pushing myself in longer swimming and running distances. It would be nice if I lost some weight in the process but that's not why I'm doing these things. I'm finding goals I can actually achieve. What a nice shift of thought.


G said...

congrats! This past Sunday I finished my second tri this year (well, second tri ever too.) :)

Addictive, huh?

I only have running and biking events planned for the rest of this year, but plan on doing two or three tri's next year.

good luck on the Olympic relay and the half marathon.


Carrie said...

Yay for another triathlon!! Where will this one be???

I was so excited at your last one and had so much fun cheering you on! It's really inspiring (though it does not inspire me to want to do a triathlon it does inspire me to be more active).

I'd love to cheer you on this Sunday if I can come... let me know when and where!