June 17, 2009

Let Adam Marry Steve

I moved out of my parents' houses before junior year of college when I got an off-campus apartment and lived there year round. Mike was out of his parents' right after college and he and I have been living together for three years. We have all the stuff you need to live in a home. We have blenders, a toaster, kitchen mitts, pots and pans and a drying rack. If we really need anything it's more towels and a wedding dish set. And maybe more, real silverware- the cheap pieces we currently have keep breaking or melting. That's all I think we need anyway. Mike hasn't been too clear on what he wants on the registry. I'm assuming he's not going to add that much stuff to it since he's on the same page I am when it comes to stuff- we have enough of it. In fact, we're trying to get rid of stuff not amass more of it. This makes birthdays and Christmas difficult.

So, the wedding registry. I'm thinking we'll register at Macy's. Or really anywhere that has a dish set he and I like. I was thinking about possibly creating a honeymoon registry when I found out that many charities have wedding registries! Mike and I were already tossing around the idea of giving money to the American Cancer Society instead of wedding favors since we both lost godparents to cancer. It isn't much of a stretch to register with a charity in lieu of more gifts. The charity gets money, we can make the day about something bigger than ourselves and the donations are tax deductible for those who make them. This is win-win-win people!

With all the hubbub over same-sex marriage these days I've begun to feel guilty about marrying Mike. I feel like such an asshole by participating in a discriminatory institution (don't even get me started on feminism and marriage) but I want to get married. Why are Mike and I any different than Adam and Steve? When it comes down to brass tacks we aren't. I want to bring awareness to marriage equality on our wedding day but I've been struggling with how to do it. When I found out about registering with charities, not a day later did MissZoot voice the very thoughts I've been having about marriage in today's political climate. She linked to a donation page with the Human Rights Campaign that earmarks the donations for the fight for marriage equality. On that very page are couples who are foregoing conventional gifts for this awesome cause.

I immediately emailed Mike and pretty much demanded we register there with no debate. He laughed at my fervor but ultimately agreed. He and I both support equal rights. Of course we need to iron out the details but as soon as we figure out how we're going to approach this I am going full force on this. I will be sure to post about it here. I am thrilled! I feel like karma brought all these elements together to answer my plea. Way to go Universe.

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