May 12, 2009

Tip-toe in These Tulips

One of my most favorite things about living in Albany is the Dutch history. Albany is one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the few with a visible Dutch influence. There are streets named after some of the earlier Dutch settlers, some of our oldest buildings are Dutch in design and our fair city has its tulips. In order to celebrate the unique background of Albany every Mother's Day weekend Albany has a Tulip Festival. Bands come to perform, vendors can sell their wares to thousands, and college kids can get drunk in the park without so much as a warning. I'm not a fan of the festival but I am a huge fan of the flowers the festival celebrates. Tulips are quite possibly my absolute favorite flower. Not only are they lovely but they are a hearty flower. I find them to be a symbol of strength and tenacity. Beautiful stubbornness.

Tulips are actually not Dutch in origin. They hail from Persia. Tulip bulbs were presented as gifts to different nations from different nations and sort of found its way to Western Europe. I guess the Dutch had little in the way of a national symbol so they picked the tulip. And boy, did tulips play a huge part over there. Tulip speculation caused one of the biggest economic crashes in Dutch history. But I digress. All that matters to me is that I live in a place that plants tulips all over the friggin' place. And I love it. Join me in my love of tulips. These are pictures from the park a block from my apartment.

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Tina Winston said...

Gorgeous! I, too, love tulips. I hope to plant some one day when I have a home and a garden. These pictures are great, and some of these are so unique-looking. I have never seen some of these varieties before. Thanks for posting them :).