May 13, 2009

But I Thought It Didn't Strike Twice

The past two nights this week I've dreamt of lightning striking and me warning people to take shelter during the storm. The first night the dream had lightning that set fire to a building, a group of people were so interested that they walked out into the storm and I yelled at them all to take cover. The second dream was about me and a man out in a field when a freak storm came and he took shelter under a lone tree that was then struck with him underneath it. Dreams with similar sort of ideas back to back. How strange.

I've never dreamt of anything twice in a row nor dreamt of lightning. What is going on here? I conducted a search (googled a search) and there are a few variations on the symbolism of lightning in dreams. Some interpretations say that the flashes of light are a warning, some say that it represents a flash of genius. One sort of terrible one says there will be happiness and prosperity that will only last for a short time. That sucks. But the idea that the lightning means the beginning of a creative project is the one that appeals to me the most.

Maybe my dreams are trying to tell me I'll finally get a new job. One that lets me have some creativity or at least an opportunity to grow. Maybe I'll just figure out how to creatively pay for my wedding that won't fuck with my credit score. Then again, I had tons of dreams about pregnancy a few years back and dreaming of pregnancy means the beginning of a figurative new life- not, like I thought, that I was preggo at the time of the dream. And no new things really happened at that time in my life. Crappy, lying dreams.

Of course, I could be having these dreams because I thought I was going to be struck by lightning on Saturday when I was riding my bike through a quick moving thunderstorm. Maybe my subconscious is just that literal.

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Carrie said...

Seriously, I need you to follow me around and just say things! You would keep my mood buoyant with your fabulousness!