March 31, 2009

Until This One Breaks

I use stuff until it is totally busted- and that takes a while since I really take care of my things. My backpack is from the 8th grade (as is my calculator,) my hair comb is from the 6th, my retainer is from the 10th and my lunch box is from 2nd at the latest. I even used a discman from 7th grade that required a rubber band to stay closed because I dropped it all the time. It probably still works but I got a discman that played mp3s so I gave the old one to someone when I was in college. I just like to run stuff to the ground. Like I do Mike's soul.

You can surely understand how pissed I was when our first digital camera died seven months after we got it. SEVEN MONTHS. It was a Kodak Easyshare that can't be fixed by anyone who's not Kodak. No local shops can get the crap to fix any Kodak products. Kodak just doesn't give the equipment to people! Assholes. So because it took us five more months to find this out since we weren't feeling particularly proactive, we had to buy a new one to take to the Bahamas with us. And we did NOT buy Kodak. To be fair, the camera was a special offer to Mike's dad for signing a cable contract so it was totally free and he gave it to us in his incredible generosity (no- he does not read this site.) No real loss here. But we still need a camera for Vacay 2009.

I did some searching on the Internets and found a Canon Powershot for 65% off at and proceeded to pay for it with my Paypal account only because I was too lazy to get my card out of my wallet. We were going to get it in four to fourteen days. Plenty of time. YAY!!! However, the next day the website refunded me my money with no note as to what was wrong. There was no email from the site directly telling me why and I waited for one telling me they were out of stock or something. Nothing. For four days. I emailed them and they tell me I have an unverified account (I can't verify because my bank account is linked to a Paypal account that I can in no way gain access to therefore they won't let me link the accounts) so my purchase was cancelled because they had no way of knowing I was a real purchase. Okay, sound business practice. But you know what else is a sound business practice? LETTING ME KNOW THIS.

I reordered the camera. Luckily it was still in stock so whatever. Then I find out that doesn't ship anything, a third party seller does. That takes two more days to process and ship. When the package finally ships I look at the calendar and realize that if it does indeed take fourteen days to get here the camera will arrive while we're on Vacay 2009. Without a camera to take pictures of our sunburned asses. If I had known about my account being suspect this wouldn't have been an issue! Assholes! I should've paid the extra $6 to get it here in time!

I tracked the package as soon as the information is available, which is the day after receiving shipment notification, and find out that the package is in Albany and is being delivered as I read that it is in Albany being delivered. I got the package in two business days. If I did pay the extra $6 can you imagine how pissed I would be? Ugh.


Carrie said...

Seriously! Could you be any more hysterical???? You really must be the most clever person I know.

When you tossed in that line about 'like Mike's soul' I nearly spit my diet coke out all over my desk... incredibly funny.

Props, my dear... definate props.

Tina Winston said...

Whew! Just made it! I'm glad you got it in time. Hope you have a wonderful time on Vacay :).

The Common Daisy said...

i bet your backpack is a jansport, those things last forever!

(and if they do break, they have a lifetime warranty)