March 10, 2009

Motivation Station

Lyrics aside, this song would be the song playing over my workout montage. It was the song in my head all throughout my first triathlon and it really kept me motivated. It's the powerful strings and booming drum that do it for me.

Another song of theirs was on my first 5k play list. In fact, it started my race.

People always put really clubby, thumping music on their workout list. I do, too. There's plenty of hip-hop and rap on my lists but there's something about Coldplay that really brightens my spirit and when my spirit is lifted, that's when I really take off in my workouts. (See what I did there?) So, their songs either begin my play list or I put them in the line-up where I know I usually drag. It makes a huge difference and my workouts are better because of it.

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