January 14, 2009

The Little Things

On Christmas Eve, while Mike and I were enjoying a wonderful time with friends (and I was enjoying a wonderful time with a bottle of white wine), someone unlawfully entered my car. I can't say my car was broken into because nothing was broken and nothing was done to my car to cause alarm. It was unlocked. Yeah... So we didn't notice until we left at almost 1am and I saw my glove compartment was open and things were strewn about. Someone had taken all of my CDs out of the car (sad face,) popped the trunk, and then took one of Mike's beer buckets to carry all of the CDs. They also took something I use to play my iPod over the radio, all the pennies from my ash tray and my hand lotion and chap stick that I keep in reach of the wheel. They didn't look in the back seat at all which would've gotten them some running shoes and a singing Santa doll. I guess they were kind of stupid- not only did they not get running shoes but they, thankfully, didn't steal an Ez-Pass or any vehicle information.

This was something of a bummer being Christmas Eve and all but Mike and I reasoned that if someone was going through cars to steal crap on Christmas Eve it meant a few things- they had no one else to spend it with, they needed that stuff way more than we did, or they had a terrible drug habit. Maybe all of the above. The fact that they didn't steal anything that required work, like a vehicle registration, leads me to believe drugs and sheer desperation. I'm just grateful nothing was rendered irreparable or nothing terribly valuable was taken (though Mike would disagree about his beer bucket.)

We've since replaced the iPod gadget and a CD that was too new to find cheaply and I am in the process of acquiring the other CDs at little or no cost. I wonder if the thief will enjoy their new Aimee Mann or Film School albums. I doubt their neighborhood will want them for any amount of money. They picked the wrong car to thieve unless their market likes indie and Madonna. What I couldn't understand was the stealing of the chap stick and hand lotion. The pennies too but money is money.

No matter all the headache remembering what CDs were taken. I have the last laugh. Yesterday I was in my car for the first time in a while and when I went to adjust my floor mat what did I find? My chap stick!! Sucka what? That's right! Victory is mine!!


The Common Daisy said...

My car was broken into the night before last. My locks have been freezing lately so it's possible that it wasn't locked all the way. They just went through all my papers, didn't even steal my change or my CD's. I guess my music taste didn't appeal to them. But it still sucks.

belleshpgrl said...

I am so sorry to hear that! I'm really glad that nothing was really taken. Mike's car was rifled through once. That was strange.