December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

So sorry I didn't wish you all a Merry Christmas! yesterday since I was unable to keep my hands on a computer long enough to post. I was going to share terrible cell phone pictures of my Christmas cactus that is appropriately blooming right now. I only have two blooms at the moment but since it took a lot of effort to get these two blooms I am terribly excited about them. One bloom just fell off and another is about to bloom so I will have a total four blooms this Christmas! How exciting! So, in honor of the Day of World Peace (I decided that's how I'm going to celebrate Christmas since I think Jesus was really just a brilliant anthropologist and humanist- not God incarnate), here are the promised cactus blooms:

This is the almost bloom. There's a bud coming on a stem next to it but it hasn't progressed in a while so I don't know if it will turn into a bloom or not.

I don't know if you can make out the great color of these blooms-it's a nice reddish pink, a very rich pink. I have another cactus that has pink blooms (at least I think so because it hasn't bloomed since I moved here THREE YEARS AGO!)

I didn't realize how phallic these things look! How inappropriate! It looks like a flower penis coming to poke me in the eye.

Hopefully I can share with you the other cactus one day. I called it the Jesus cactus since it bloomed on Easter and Christmas. It was very strange. Now I just call it Lucinda.

Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you all had a safe and lovely holiday filled with good food, good booze and great love.


dad said...

What is the deal with this plant? Ours bloomed around Halloween! It is definitely exciting because ours so rarely does anything.

The Common Daisy said...

I'm currently working on cultivating my own Christmas cactus. I got a couple clippings this summer and put them in water but I've been too lazy to actually plant them in soil. However, the little guys are doing surprisingly well and even flowered in November!

belleshpgrl said...

It's not even in soil!? I am so jealous! I have to fertilize mine constantly to get them to not wilt!