November 5, 2008

Land of The Free, Huh?

I still tingle when I think about the event we all witnessed last night. I can't help but smile all day. Today is better than yesterday. It happened and it happened in reality. I can't stop looking at any and all news sources (except maybe Fox, I hate whiners) to see the many faces of joy and affirmed hope. America was able to look past the color of a man's skin and believe in him. His ethnicity was a non-issue for me from the get-go because my parents raised me that a person is a person no matter how small. I voted for the man, for the man's message, for the man's promise of change that I know he will deliver.

His race was a non-issue to me just like someone's sexual orientation is a non-issue to me. As long as people are good, who cares what they look like or whom they choose to love? The shining light of Obama's victory is slightly dimmed by the discrimination being passed into law in states across the country. California, Arizona, and Florida have banned gay marriage. Outright banned it. That is legalized discrimination. How is that possible in 2008 America? How dare they impose their beliefs on others. I bet those same people who voted yes on California's Proposition 8 would yell fire and brimstone if someone else's beliefs were being legally imposed on them. Who cares who marries whom? Why does it matter to those people? Why is it the government's business? Gay married couples pose no threat to conventional marriage. If anything poses any threat to marriage it's divorce. You don't see the religious right trying to ban divorce, do you? I know plenty of very religious divorced people. And they don't want gay people to marry each other. How stupid. How un-American. Spend your energy helping people you religious zealots. Not on tearing them down.

America is facing a new kind discrimination. America can never truly be a free country as long as laws like Proposition 8 are being passed. Live and let live. This is America after all. The land of the free, right? The land free of religious oppression, right? I can see a little more of that America thanks to Barack Obama. But there is still work to be done to bring that America to fruition. We must not vote to oppress. We must vote to uplift.


lauren said...

I think I read that Arkansas is banning homosexual couples from adopting or from becoming foster parents.

Because the reprehensible conditions in which some children live couldn't POSSIBLY be worse than living with a GAY!

We've come so far, yet we still aren't there. It's a shame.

belleshpgrl said...

I read that too. In all fairness, it bans all unmarried couples, gay or straight, from adopting or fostering. But I seriously doubt the Arkansasians really banned it due to those unmarried straight people.