November 8, 2008

Kinoki Redux Perhaps?

Remember what a bust the Kinoki pads were? They only worked 64% of the time. One foot ended up more cleansed than the other and stuff. Anyway, I decided I wasn't done cleansing so I did my usual thirty day herbal cleanse that has been tried and true. I have about a week left in the cleanse and I think it would be interesting to see what the Kinoki pads do after a much more thorough internal cleanse. It could prove whether the pads are total bunk instead of 36% bunk or not. I would like to think after thirty days of cleansing with herbs, twice a day- morning herbs and evening herbs- that there wouldn't be that much left to cleanse.

I doubt I'll do it because I had such high hopes for Kinoki and it really let me down. Even though I would be going into this with lower expectations, I would like it to work for crying out loud! Nevertheless, it could be a fun experiment. I'll keep you posted should I decide to do it. But don't get your hopes up in Kinoki Redux.

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abz said...

It's weird that you posted about this because for the first time I did an Ion Cleanse yesterday where they pull toxins out of your feet in a foot bath... it was totally gross. I was skeptical at first but man some weird shit came out!! I have never tried an herbal cleanse but they have a 2 week kit at the Heath Food store here and I want to give it a go sometime... I will post if I do.