November 4, 2008

It's Like Christmas Only Better

At 5:50am Mike held true to his promise and got my ass out of bed to Change America! There was actually a line at our booth and the polls had been open for only 15 minutes! It was super cool! I did a little cheer when I left the booth. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this amazing election. It was really hard for me to walk to work without reminding everyone I passed to go vote. I think I would get beaten up. I just wish I had an "I Voted" sticker to remind people passive aggressively. Apparently New York is too good for them.

I called my sister to chat about the palatable excitement in the atmosphere (the air really seems to be charged with electricity) around the country and when she answered she didn't say hello, she said "happy voting day!" So I say to all five of you, dear readers, HAPPY VOTING DAY!!

There really is nothing more awesome than the right to participate in the selection of our leaders. People die across the world to fight for that right. Don't abuse it. Vote.


Abbie said...

Chicago is too good for the sticker too. I'm considering safety-pinning the voter receipt to my shirt. Happy election day!

dad said...

In SC, I did get my sticker. Line was 2 hours long, I wasn't leaving without it!