November 10, 2008

I'm Hung Up on You

With all my griping in my previous post about everyone going digital killing mixed tapes/CDs, I myself own an iPod. His name is Steve. I run with Steve, go on long walks with Steve, and go for weekends away with Steve. I love Steve. I don't always remember what's on his playlists though. I buy a lot of singles on iTunes because buying full length albums is such a gamble these days. It's good and bad because I get songs I like without running the risk of hating the rest of the album, but on the other hand I don't always get to listen to everything I buy because I forget. So imagine my surprise when on my walk to work this morning Madonna's "Burning Up" came on! I love Madonna, I really do, and her early stuff really gets me moving- especially that song. I love it so much it almost makes me want to writhe in the street wearing a toga. I completely forgot I bought this song months ago and it gave me a much needed kick in my step on an otherwise dreadful morning. Thanks, Steve. You really feel me.


abz said...

I named mine Sunshine. She's a femPod. Is Steve looking for a free spirited Nano-ish gf who likes long walks on the beach and an occasional shuffle. :O

(and my comments have reached a new low)

belleshpgrl said...

Haha! Though she sounds tempting Steve is a serial monogamist. It's his greatest weakness.