August 16, 2008

I Want My MTV

I miss watching hours and hours of music videos. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV but my parents weren't home for at least four hours after I was so I got unadulterated music television. I doubt I would have time to watch that much now. Luckily MTV and Vh1 have eliminated that conundrum.

Music used to be my hobby. I still love to find fresh and new things which in turn leads me to undiscovered jems. I can't afford to buy music on a whim like I used to. I could literally afford to take music risks and find some great stuff after seeing one video late at night on "edgier" music shows. Nowadays its not always worth the $15 investment. iTunes has become my main source of music. And that makes me a little sad. Luckily I have a friend in the local radio scene (hi Aja!) and she has exceptional taste in music. She loves Britpop as much as I do. Oh yeppers. My comrade in wondrous European magic. She also finds great stuff that is not easily found.

She introduced me to Sam Sparro because she knows how much I enjoy this stuff:

Man, I want to have his campy gay babies. In turn that video lead me to find this:

Which is a cover of a song I play on repeat and repeat whilst riding the bus:

She is gorgeous. In just tooling around YouTube with a Sam Sparro search I found this great video:

There isn't nearly enough of any of this kind of music played on American radio or what is left of music television. I love this kind of music that makes people move. What's out there is mostly shit sung by boys wearing too much eyeliner. If you want to find anything good or interesting it can't be on a station owned by Clear Channel or Viacom. You need to go to the "streets" of college radio, non-profit music radio, or even YouTube. I challenge you to find something you can't find on main stream radio. Let me know what you find. I'll be searching, too.

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Acrobat said...

*Sigh* I think I was in line first to be Sam Sparro's surrogate babymama, dude.