June 18, 2008

Wonky is a Real Word

I've been wanting to write a blog for a while now and I always knew that I wanted to incorporate "wonky" into the title. Mike told me the word didn't exist and that I just made it up. I am flattered he thinks I am that creative with the English language and I have been known to make words up but! "wonky" is not one of them.

won·ky /ˈwɒŋki/ [wong-kee]
–adjective, -ki·er, -ki·est.
1.British Slang.
a.shaky, groggy, or unsteady.
b.unreliable; not trustworthy.
2.Slang. stupid; boring; unattractive.


It seems I made up the meaning of "wonky." I am none of those things (therapy is paying off! I am so unshaky!), nor is this blog. I mean with naming this blog "Just a Little Wonky" that I can be a little outside of the box. And not in the "let's come up with a mind-blowing ad campaign that's never been done before" way. I mean in the "I sometimes follow the beat of my own drummer." A very bad drummer. Definitely not David Bowie's drummer.

And I like me that way.


TCD said...

Who doesn't know that wonky is a word?

belleshpgrl said...

That's what I said.

dad said...

Hey, just discovered "wonky" has been stolen for the info-age. Reader's Digest, July 2008: WordPower in the telecom age, number 13:

Wonky; adj:
a. not working right.
b. highly technical.
c. addicted to text messaging.

Guess which? Feelin' my age here...

belleshpgrl said...

According to Reader's Digest Amanda is wonky.