September 3, 2014

Fakin' It

People have told me I have a nice smile- genuine and warm. I'm always very flattered, grateful, and appreciative. My parents spent a lot of energy and money on braces and orthodontia work so you bet your ass I'm still sleeping in a retainer. Got to keep my moneymaker in tip-top shape, amiright?

I'm at this party a few weeks ago and my girlfriends Brenda, Karla, and I were taking a selfie together (a togethfie? a threefie?) and another woman at the party offered to take our picture for us. We were thrilled to have a chance at a better picture so we accepted her offer. Brenda showed her how to use the iPhone to take pictures and the woman takes one or two before she says, "No. This is no good. Those smiles are fake. Smile like you mean it."


It was hard to hide our reactions. None of us had ever been told that before. Lucky for us, the woman didn't stop taking pictures during this entire exchange. I'm just gonna put these here.

I can't even be insulted because she gave me the gift that is that collection. The selfie/togethie/threefie wasn't even bad in the first place. But I am so so so glad it didn't stop there.