January 13, 2014

Episode 4 is Finally Here!

I know I said Episode 4/Part 2 of the interview with The Fold Productions would be up soon two months ago but it took a little while to be edited and stuff. I'm not the editor and the editor edits many shows. I'm trying to learn how to do it myself and our show can be more self-reliant so that may happen some time this year. Don't hold your breath for that. But you can hold your breath for Episode 4 because you can play it right now!! We review Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

We've also set up a Movie Q channel so you can subscribe to it and see all of our episodes, (we're having some technical difficulties in getting them loaded- never use Mega.com) stand alone interviews and the panel discussions we'll have from QFEST, which is coming up at the end of February. Holy crap, it's already been a year since I first took over the festival. Yeesh!!

January 12, 2014

Poppin' Tunes

These days I've been playing the same albums in loops in different places. Like, one cd is being played to death in my car, another in my kitchen, another at work and yet another in my main-room player. No one album gets more play than others. I listen to a lot of Pandora at my desk- find some awesome stuff that way. And I'm shocked I haven't had an incident using Spotify in my car... I mean, at stop lights.

In my car:
Arcade Fire, Reflektor

The title track, "Reflektor"
So this album is actually a double album. I didn't know that when I bought it and the case consists of sleeves. I was in my car, at a red light- like, really- and quickly grabbed a disc and put it in the player. It was a short little playlist and I made it all the way through before I realized the title track didn't play. I was like, "Uh..... what CD did I buy?" At the next red light, I discovered the other CD that started with "Reflektor." So, there's that. Anyway. This album is great. The last album they made was a great concept album and had a unified theme and sound. This album seems to be more experimental. Some of the tracks are throwbacks to the early Manchester, UK music scene- of which I am a HUGE fan. The bass line is reminiscent of Joy Division and early New Order and I totally TOTALLY dig it.

In my kitchen:
Kings of Leon, Mechanical Bull

"Wait for Me"
I still haven't made my way through this album. I'm not in the kitchen long enough to make it all the way through. I'm that fast with the cooking these days, y'all. And instead of picking up where I've left off I start over each time so I've only heard the first eight songs off of it. Regardless, I like it. I love Caleb Followill and his songwriting skills. Like woah.

At my desk:
TV On the Radio, Dear Science
Track #3 "Dancing Choose"
This is probs my favorite track on this album but luckily you can stream the whole thing on the YouTubes. I think there's only one song I can do without on the album but on the whole, this whole thing is amazing. I saw these guys live about six years ago on a side stage at a local music festival. They should've been on the MainStage. The whole audience dug them and they rocked out like they were actually on the MainStage. See them live if you can. Fo' reals.

In my main squeeze CD player:
HAIM, Days Gone By
"Falling" Just ignore the lame video concept and like the song.
No, that's not Amy Grant or her daughters. I first heard this band and thought Amy Grant started releasing pop songs with her song writing team from the 90s. I was perplexed but excited. Instead it turned out to be a trio of sisters who are killing it. Like, these chicks are recalling retro late eighties and early nineties pop tunes but with a contemporary edge. I like to pick out my outfits, style my hair and do my make-up listening to this album. I feel a feminine power and wear blood-red lipstick while I bop around in my underwear.

What have you been listening to? I'll soon post some amazing musicians I found thanks to Spotify and my local non-profit radio station. Seriously, live-stream this shit: WEXT 97.7.