November 21, 2013

I'm All Up in Media!

Hey, heeeeeey!! Here's episode 3, y'all! I get to catch up and interview my friends from my previous Cali post, Barbara and Becca. Part 2 of the interview will be soon!

Aren't my friends awesome!?

And, here's my blog at the Times Union, Albany's newspaper. Read it. It's some pretty moving shit.

November 18, 2013

Episode 2 Bitchez

We're still making episodes! Movie Q has two in the can and a third that for some reason I can't share with you at the moment- it's bizarrely not loaded on YouTube. But here's this one! We review CLUE and talk to Paul Kazee about film festivals and what he likes about them.

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November 17, 2013

Hells Yeah! Vacay!

Oh my gosh, you guys!! I went to Los Angeles earlier this week!

"But Katherine, what were you doing in LA?"

Well cats and kittens, I was visiting my friends Barbara and Becca. And while there, I hung out with my friend Billy too. And had a drink with Beebe! (I know most of you don't know who these people are, but I'll get to that.) It was the SHIT. It was awesome in so many ways. Let me count them for you.

1. I went to Los Angeles. That's in California. It's warm there. I live in Schenectady. That's in New York. It's cold here.

2. I read two, that's 2, books! And started a third. In four days. (2, 3, 4- see what happened there??) I LOVE IT.

3. I didn't work. (Except that 30 minute window where I checked my work email and went a little bonkers…) I took a real vacation!!

4. I got to reconnect with people who knew a different Katherine. Barbara, Beebe and Becca are friends of mine from college. I wasn't doing so hot in college- my parents got divorced, I gained at least fifty pounds and struggled with my self esteem (I say struggle but really it was like trying to wrestle a bear with my feet tied together.) But things are actually pretty awesome right now. And we all got to share in the Happy. It was so excellent to see them. Thank you, ladies!

Me, Becca and Barbara in Malibu

5. I went to a beach. BEACH.

6. We went to the Getty Museum. Holy smokes you guys. This place is more than a museum- it's a religious experience. There was this exhibit by the photographer Abelardo Morell and his work is breathtaking. I now have a legit favorite photographer. 

7. I got to see my friend Billy. He's a friend from high school which makes him one of four people from that time in my life that I have regular contact with. He makes me laugh a lot so it's always a complete pleasure to see him. He took me to the Griffith Observatory where he kindly took a photo essay of me.

I'm having such a good hair day that you probably didn't even notice the HOLLYWOOD sign back there. Did you?

8. I got drunk each night save the first because I wanted to stay awake despite the jet lag (and I did!) I was so drunk that when I got home and went to bed something felt off. I realized it was because I was sober.

9. Becca and Barbara take an acting class and I was in town on one of their class nights. I was able to audit the class and had such a great time warming up with them and watching the class. There is so much I miss about performing and watching them go through the process and work on their scenes was just amazing. It refreshed my soul.

10. There was this one time I was in the same room, at the same time, as a couple celebrities you might know. My friends are members of the Screen Actors Guild and get invitations to screenings and talk backs. When I was in town, a screening of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY was happening with a talk back with- are you ready- George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Juliet Lewis, Chris Cooper and others. Awesome RIGHT??

Not only did I get out of town, had a great time and saw some famous people but I came back feeling clear headed about some things that had been hanging over me. I can't wait to travel some more. I am deeply grateful to my friends for letting me stay with them and making this dream a reality.