September 22, 2013

It's Getting Pretty Queer Up in Here

One of the most awesome parts of my job is that I organize an LGBT film festival called QFEST. The founder of the project, my friend Joey, left the company to get a master's degree and they asked for volunteers to be involved. I'm not kidding when I say I was immediate in my response. I love movies, I believe in activism and I like being in charge organizing things.

QFEST is in its fourth year and when I got involved we only had two months to pick movies, schedule speakers and promote it. This time, I'm taking a more whole approach. We've been making ourselves visible at pride events around the area- which has been great because though we don't have our films picked I've been getting awesome feedback from what I do tell people about what we've been considering- and keeping up with Facebook. I've been trying to think of ways for QFEST to be in the minds of people all year round. Just like Sundance or Tribeca. Granted, those are much larger scale events with much larger sums of money to play around with. But still. It's not like they didn't start from somewhere.

A few weeks ago an idea hit me like lightning. My company also manages Schenectady County Public Access television production and WE SHOULD HAVE A QFEST MOVIE SHOW!!! We could talk about movies, gay movies, what queer means, how to make movies, WHATEVER.

Hells to the yes.

So. We recorded our first two episodes already!! We're going to do two a month. Fifteen to twenty minutes each. And they're going to be fuuuuuuun. Next Monday we'll be recording October's episodes and I can't wait. The whole thing has been a really exciting and engaging experience for me and my co-planners. We've interviewed a graphic designer about movie poster design and a friend who goes to a lot of movie festivals about how to make a good film festival. My next guests will be two lovely ladies named Becca and Barbara who I went to college with and who are half of a new film production company called The Fold. They're trying to finance this great webseries called Freeloaders. Check out their projects! They've got some great tricks up their sleeves.

Here's our first episode. I hope you like check it out and like it. Like it, dammit.