April 30, 2013

Where Oh Where?

Something really weird is happening with my appetite. I'm still as hungry as I was before this shift but something happened with the food I find appealing. I used to be obsessed with Chex Mix. Like, OBSESSED. I also had a thing for, like any baked goods. If it was a carb I would would crave it like I was some mad chipmunk in the fall getting my carb stores ready for the freeze. But all year round. It was awesome and terrible at the same time.

Now...? Well, with P90X I'm following the nutrition guide and for the first five weeks (I'm in week eight) I had only one carb serving a day, not including fruit- of which I had one serving a day as well. The carbs had to be whole wheat. No chocolate, no sweetener. It was pretty rough going for a while there. But I did it. After a few weeks I let a little bit of chocolate back in but it wasn't the same. This isn't my first food cleanse, I've done two before. But the goal is different this time. I'm eating for a greater purpose than just general wellness- I have a physical goal. I'm eating to fuel myself for a specific workout for specific results. As a result, I just don't crave stuff that was only pleasure eating. A negative- I don't look forward to food like I used to. Now I eat because I have to. Where's the fun in that? Sad panda. I'm in the phase that ups the carb servings to three a day as for fuel. I'm enjoying this phase a lot better.

Honestly I thought I would see more of a transformation in my body. Other people in my class have dropped visible weight. Me? Not so much. I have discernible results, totally. I can do push-ups on my toes and not on my knees. I can do plyometrics in longer stretches. I'm pushing myself more than ever. These are things I couldn't say eight weeks ago. That all said, I'd be lying if I didn't think it would be more drastic.

Yeah, yeah- everyone's body is different. I didn't eat that poorly before and my body is different from the Katherine from just a few years ago. I can't expect crazy results. All I can expect is that I become stronger. That is already the case. It's only up from here. And it'll be even better without all the muffins and croissants weighing me down.