November 9, 2012

No Mustache Rides

The other day I walked into my cubicle and found a business card of girl who works in a salon. It was wringing bells in my brain but I couldn't place why it would be on my desk with no note. I read the card and it said she cut hair, did nails and waxing. My hands immediately rose to my upper lip. And I pulled out my compact to see just how bad it was.

I became convinced that someone was leaving me a passive aggressive note reminding me to get my mustache taken care of. I'd run out of bleach and just keep forgetting to get more. I just needed a little reminder to MYSELF. Not from other people. Why?? What was happening? Was it really, REALLY that bad? Then I remembered that it was because I was admiring my coworker's nails and she said she'd get me the info so I could get a totally affordable manicure.

Someone needs to calm down. That someone is me.