January 29, 2010

Now We're Jammin'

Got some new tunes to share. I hope you like them.

Bat for Lashes, "Daniel"

I love love love how she sounds like a mix between Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan and the Eurythmics. I can't get enough of her sound or her tambourine. Can I have one? Thanks for sharing, PJ!

Florence and the Machine, "My Boy Builds Coffins"

Totally stole this from Emily and her fabulous blog that makes me want to dress better. We're going to see the fabulous Florence in New York in April and I am beside myself in excitement. I'm trying to pick a worthy outfit but nothing seems to fit my ideas as of yet. Her voice is a throwback to a time before records and sound systems but her songs are a fresh sound with a rich musical landscape that isn't found in many places these days. And she's Welsh!!

The Temper Trap, "Fader"

You may know the Australian band for their song "Sweet Disposition," which is being used in many commercials and movies:

I found them from the movie 500 Days of Summer that I watched without Mike not knowing he wanted to watch it. Haha. So sorry... I really like them and hope to hear more of them on the radio.

January 27, 2010

You Can't Touch That

We were in New York again this past weekend for a friend's birthday party on Saturday. The rest of the birthday folks went back up to Albany that Sunday morning while Mike and I hung around Manhattan for the day. He wanted to catch the Jets/Colts game, which was on at 3pm, and we would've missed it if we went home that morning. So we went to a friend's apartment in the Financial District and watched some football. Grrrr!! Sports!

I'm not that into sports. Well, I'm getting into sports. I picked a sport to like and I picked soccer whether Mike likes it or not. America is missing out on a pretty awesome game. It's the sport of the future! Seriously, I really think soccer players are amazing. No other team-sport requires that kind of teamwork and athleticism. I'm totally down with that. On June 12th, I'm going to make Mike watch some soccer at the beer garden (as husband and wife!). I'll root for England and he can root for the US. He laughed in agreement and said we can watch "my" football. Whatever. Dude should be glad I am finding a reason to watch ESPN. OK. Maybe not watch ESPN but not rush to turn it off.

I digress. Since Mike wanted to watch two high stake games (I ask inappropriate questions at totally inappropriate times and can really irritate Mike people who have a personal interest in said high stake game) I decided to find something else to do. I googled where a bunch of museums were in relation to the Financial District and found out that the controversial BODIES exhibit was located just around the corner from our friend's place. I've been wanting to see this exhibit for YEARS. I was thrilled I could make it happen. So I left during the fourth quarter of the first game to make sure I had enough time to get through the exhibit before it closed.

I cannot recommend going enough. It was amazing. There weren't as many actual whole bodies as I was expecting but it was an amazing lesson in anatomy and the workings of human body. There were moments when I was looking at a body part in a case and then involuntarily moved it. Whenever I caught myself doing that it was an eye opening experience, almost religious. I've never felt more aware of myself and my body. Yeah, yoga is all about body awareness and spatial awareness and I totally dig that too. But it's nothing like looking at a perfectly preserved knee joint and then moving yours involuntarily. I can't be more thankful for the temple that is my body. Made me want to go out and kick a soccer ball in reverence.

January 15, 2010

Redemption Averted

Back in college I took a summer acting intensive that took a trip to New York to see a handful of plays on Broadway and one of those shows was a revival of The Crucible. Laura Linney and Liam Neeson played the lead roles and let me tell you- there will never be another pairing like that again. They had complete command of the subject matter and they were connected to each other in a totally organic way. I don't know if I will ever experience that amazing of a show for decades- if ever again. The whole production was just sublime. So when we found out that there was a question and answer session after the show my fellow acting students and I hung around to see what would be discussed.

Like my last experience, people asked the dumbest questions. Someone asked the main antagonist if the cast disliked her because her character was so evil. Her answer was pretty priceless, "No. They know I'm acting." Most of the cast came out- including Laura Linney. I almost crapped myself. I thought for sure she wouldn't come out but she did!! And she PARTICIPATED!!! Her contribution? "Basically the lesson of this play is don't fuck the nanny." At that point I crapped myself. Not only is she a brilliant actor, she's dark and funny!

After the shitstorm that was the question/answer session ended my friends and I decided to try to get some autographs. I'm not big on autographs. I find them so silly. I'd rather a conversation or a drink. But why not? The cast was pretty cool. They hung around and happily spoke to people who were still there. I hung out in the back until Laura Linney came out. My friend Barbara spoke to her first. Totally cool and calm. Laura Linney and Barbara chatted briefly about how the play is such a wonderful piece of work and whatnot. When the conversation ended Laura Linney turned to me. I coolly handed her my program and told her I admire her and her body of work. We laughed at the idiots from the session and after she graciously signed all the other programs we had martinis at the bar across the street. It was a magical, magical evening.

Okay, that didn't happen. What really happened was she looked me in the eye with a sincere smile while I blurted, "I love everything that you do!!" Keep in mind I really hadn't seen her in much at all. I knew her from few projects. "You were AMAZING!!!" She continued to smile widely at me and said, "Thank you. Thank you so much." She signed my more couth friend's program and said one last thank you before she got into her car and drove off. She was wonderfully gracious to a total ass. I was madly in love with her.

A few months ago I signed up with Manhattan Theatre Club's 30 under 30 program where if you are under 30 you sign up for email alerts to get $30 tickets for preview dates of some performances. I got an email alert for Donald Margulies' Time Stands Still featuring eric Bogosian, Alicia Silverstone, Brian d'Arcy James and Laura Linney. I immediately sent it to Mike and said, "Let's go." I had no idea what the play was about and I couldn't care less. Neither did he. We didn't even bother to find out what the play was about before we went. Donald Margulies' work is solid and Laura Linney for $30? NO QUESTION.

Needless to say the play was wonderful. Just excellent. Everyone was pitch perfect and it was another fantastic theatre experience. I recommend it to anyone. We left the theatre and decided to hang around to see if Laura Linney came out to greet the few people who hung around. I decided I needed to tell her how wonderful I think her work is without being a total jack-ass. I needed to do it for myself- to redeem my blathering 20 year old self. Well? She never came out. I was bummed but totally okay with it because I would've just embarrassed myself again. I couldn't even tell the Brian d'Arcy James, who did come out, how wonderful I thought his work was. How was I going to react to Laura Linney? Probably by drooling. And that would be no good.

January 12, 2010

Fan Mail

Dear Ke$ha,

Did I spell that right? I wouldn't want to be rude. People misspell my name all the time and it really sticks in my craw. I love the original spelling. So catchy. Let me get to the point, I'm writing you this letter because I'm confused by some of the lyrics you sing in your hit single, "Tik Tok." Don't get me wrong, this song is awesome. I totally rock out to it when I'm working out or on the bus. Just love it.

However, let's check out the song. Shall we?

Here are the points with which I take issue with your lyricist- all due respect of course:
  1. You brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack. That is a terrible idea for a few reasons- why waste a perfectly good bottle of whiskey on your toothbrush? Brushing it into your gums will not make you drunker faster. That only works with cocaine. Also, alcohol is almost all sugar and sugar gives you cavities. And lastly, whiskey does not give you fresh breath. You might as well skip brushing your teeth all together.
  2. In using your swagger, you entice boys who look like Mick Jagger. I don't know what your type is but Mick Jagger is ugly. Even in his youth he was hit fairly hard and often with an awkward stick. Why on Earth would you want a party full of dudes who look like him? That is one unattractive sausage-fest.
  3. If a boy tries to touch your junk and you don't expressly give permission for him to do so, don't laugh it off. Smack that fucker. And then kick him in the groin. Safety first, Ke$ha. Safety FIRST. Never be alone with a boy at a party unless your friends know where you are. And never leave your drinks unattended. Roofies give you one heck of a headache the day after. And I swear they come with crabs.
  4. And lastly, if you are partying as hard as your song suggests, fighting until you see the sunlight is a tremendous waste of time. You should spend it trying to find dudes who are far more attractive than Mick Jagger. And that is easy and a much more excellent use of party time.
That's pretty much it. I hope you don't mind. Like I said, I really love this single off your debut album. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the music scene.

Katherine :)

PS- Can you send me a recent picture? Mike isn't convinced that you are really Caucasian.

January 5, 2010

Irony, Thy Name is Tuna Casserole

We are broke this week and can't go to the grocery store. That means we get to play Mike's favorite game- "Make Do With What We've Got in the Pantry!!" I hate that game. He stockpiles soup while I stockpile reduced-price mac and cheese. I guess that's why I have a big ass and he doesn't. We shopped strategically last week so we have the essentials- cereal, milk, macaroni, pasta, pasta sauce and apples. (What? I eat an apple a day.) We're okay. Culinarily bored. But okay.

Last night I had time to make a real dinner and I didn't want to make pasta so I did some searching and I found the main ingredients for one of my favs- tuna and egg noodles for tuna casserole! I love tuna casserole. I would eat it all the time but Mike hates tuna. Since we were playing his favorite game I told him I was going to make it and he said he'd be willing to play along. I looked through my cookbooks to find a recipe that didn't require cream of mushroom soup or any other ingredients we didn't have. I found one that used sour cream and mayo, both I always have on hand. I threw some carrots, peas and onion in the mix to give it some flavor. Boy was it going to be awesome. Mike was willing to try it and I was excited to eat it. Adventure!

Oh my God was it disgusting. I didn't have the required amount of noodles or tuna so I reduced the rest of the ingredients accordingly. Or so I thought. I was supposed to reduce by 1/3 but I only reduced by 1/4. That's what I get for doing math in my head, on the bus, with Fergie blasting on my iPod. I took one bite and had to force my way through the serving. As I was about to apologize to Mike he had gobbled his serving up and was about to get more. I gave him what was left of mine and threw back an orange soda to wash away the taste. Blech. So gross and so ironic. He hates tuna but loved the casserole. I love tuna but hated the casserole. Go figure.

I am taking away a few lessons here. 1) I am really lucky to have Mike. He really will eat anything I make. He may be willing to try tuna (there really wasn't that much in the dish to begin with) but I know he draws the line at mustard. I can live with that. 2) Always, always, do math on paper. I may be really good at math, but I need to remember that I'm a visual person for a reason. 3) Never make that casserole again. Unless I have what the recipe calls for. Even then I don't think I can bring myself to do it.

January 4, 2010

Shaping Up to Be Awesome

I'm forming my goals for 2010 and this is what I've got so far:
  1. Since I have a wedding to pay for- have no more credit card debt at this time next year than I do now.
  2. Learn how to Chi-run. I've got the book and I just need to read it. This feels like a resolution since it takes time, patience, and long-term commitment but it's a goal I have- whatever the definition.
  3. Do an Olympic distance triathlon. I have my eye on one in Cambridge, NY- just east of Albany- in August and the Lake George Triathlon in September.
  4. Do four triathlons. By myself.
  5. Shave some time, any amount of time, off of my half-marathon.
  6. Get married.
  7. I'm going to yell at my mother no MORE than three times during the wedding weekend. I need to be realistic here. I fully expect to want to slap her across her face. Yelling thrice seems a reasonable limit. But then again, this all depends on how many times she'll ask me if I'm sure about marrying Mike. Or remind me that I'm going to wake up next to him every morning until I die. Any more than three good snaps and I'll turn into a pumpkin. I'm also going to help the achievement of this goal by severely limiting her interaction with me that weekend.
  8. Weigh the same as I do now, if not less, this time next year. I was looking at my weight loss chart over the past year and I gained overall. No excuse. Just laziness. If I reach my goal in this quest, so be it.
I think I can accomplish these things. Looking at this list I'm getting really excited about the way 2010 is beginning to take shape. It's strange not putting "get a new job" on this list as I've done it for the past four years. If something comes up, something comes up. I'm just not in any rush to get out of the job I have. And that's already giving 2010 a great head start.

January 1, 2010

Not Too Bad, 2009

I'm not about resolutions. I'm about goals. And I think using January 1st as an excuse to better yourself is lazy. If there is something you want to change about yourself there is no better time than the present. Anyway, I digress. Let's see how I did on last year's goals:

1. Get a new full time job.
Though getting fired was the worst thing I've ever experienced, I couldn't be happier
that I'm out of that place and on my way to my career.

2. Reach my goal weight.
Yeah, about that...

3. Compete in three triathlons.
Check! I actually competed in four because I did one as a member of a team.

4. Do not increase debt.
Totally! I am on my way to financial security. Unless the wedding has something to say about

5. Get a better time for the Crystal Lake Triathlon.
Yes indeedy! I shaved four minutes off of my swim time and had very swift transition times.

2010 brings a different set of goals. I'm going to have to think of some good, attainable ones because Life is starting to get in the way of plans I was starting to make. I can't do Crystal Lake this year because of my honeymoon. And I'm upset about the way the circumstances played out. One of my goals should be about rolling better with the punches I know are coming.